What we do

We are a Parish Council within the Cannock Chase area. Parish refers to the geographical area. We are not connected with any church.

We have 11 scheduled official meetings annually, usually on the first Wednesday at the Hayes Green Community Centre. We have 13 Councillors representing four wards.

  • We run the Hayes Green Community Centre. We took it over when it was to be closed.
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  • We promote and encourage the roll out of defibrillator units. So far, we have installed four.

1) Hayes Green Community Centre, Heath Way, Heath Hayes.
2) St John’s Church, Hednesford Road, Heath Hayes.
3) Community Life Church, Hednesford Road, Heath Hayes.
4) Tasty Bites, John Street, Wimblebury.

  • We have taken over the management of Cannel Mount.
  • Cannel Mount is the eight acre wooded area to the east of John Street in Wimblebury. We are looking forward to developing the site as a valuable open space and public asset.
  • We comment on planning applications for the benefit of all the residents.
  • We liaise with local organisations to suggest improvements for example, we liaised with Tesco to schedule deliveries so refrigerated lorries were not parked waiting in Heath Way with their engines running affecting the neighbours.
  • We suggest road safety measures. For example, dropped kerbs (Gorsemoor Road), improved parking (Boston Close), the pedestrian refuges on Hayes Way, the pedestrian crossing on Hayes Way. We lobbied for 10 years to get the speed limit on the Cannock Road between Cha[el Street and Five Ways Island reduced to 30mph. We then lobbied for and suggested “Gateway” features such as the extra signs, roundels and “sharks teeth” at the start of the 30mph limit.

Annually, the Council sends and receives 7,500 emails, phone calls and letters.

  • We make grants to local organisations that benefit the area. In the last 11 years we have donated almost £70,000. In April 2015, over £9,000 was donated.
  • We have a very active Facebook group. Over 850 members in May 2019.
  • We have a green policy to save energy and costs. Wherever possible, email is used instead of post. We have a new high-efficiency boiler at the Hayes Green Community Centre. An electric bile is used when possible.
  • We reduce costs where possible. We received £1,650 from HMRC as an inducement to commence online filing. We apply to Cannock Chase Council for rate relief for the Hayes Green Centre.
  • We reclaim all VATpaid as Parish Council are exempt.
  • We have assisted creating groups in the area, such as the Heath Hayes Area Senior Residents’ Support Group. This group has been supported by the Council and received annual grants. It hold regular Networking meetings at Heath Hayes Library to inform local residents and groups about relevant issues.
  • We were the first Council to join Cannock Chase AONB and Chasewater Friends.
  • We liaise with other Councils, such as Cannock Chase Council and Staffordshire County Council.
  • Ww have liaised with Hednesford and Norton Canes Council to form a group to work together to provide the administration for the Christmas Lights in our respective areas. The initial agreement covered the 2017,18 and 19 Festive Seasons and we have taken over responsibility for the lights from Cannock Chase Council
  • We have awards for the Citizen, Business and Young Person of the Year. These are given out at our Annual Parish Meeting.
  • We entered the Best Kept Village Competition for 20 years and as part of this, had poster competitions with the local schools and used the entry as a means of asking for work to be done in the area.
  • We have a litter picking programme with regular events held across the area.
  • We organise Remembrance events at Heath Hayes and Wimblebury.
  • As well as the website, we are on Facebook and publish a quarterly newsletter.
  • We assist local groups with places to meet, funding, advice and information.
  • We produced a village map funded solely through grants we have successfully applied for.
  • We promote local facilities and groups on Facebook, newsletter and our website.
  • We organise public consultation events when necessary (Bleak House Wind Farm, Horizon Crematoria).
  • We produce Residents’ Guides (Schools etc).
  • The Precept is lower than it was 15 years ago and the Council costs an average house about 36p per week.


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