Social Media Policy



9.11 Social Media Policy

The Council has this website and a Facebook Group.

The website is administered by the Clerk on behalf of the Council. It will comply with reporting and transparency requirements and the content will be appropriate for the Council.

The Facebook Group is operated on the same basis. The Facebook Group will be administered by the Clerk who will approve suitable posts and monitor comments.

The group is meant to be an electronic noticeboard of Council projects and relevant events in the area. Posts with no connection to the area, adverts, politically inspired or for some other reason are unsuitable will not be posted. Persons who disagree with their post not being published should send a copy of the post and their reasons to the Clerk on who will reply.

Posts about issues of interest in the area, such as Mill Green may be allowed even though the Parish Council has no responsibility nor connection with the development and the commenting may be turned off on this type of post that can be discussed on more appropriate groups. The Parish Council Group is not meant to duplicate other Groups, nor for it to be a method of reporting issues for Cannock Council, Staffordshire County Council, the Police or any other organisation or group.

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