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Heath Hayes & Wimblebury Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting.
Wednesday 1st December 2010. Heath Hayes Library, Hednesford Road, Heath Hayes.

14. Consideration of declaration to promote and pursue “green” policies to make the area more ecologically sustainable.

The Council agreed that better use of power would reduce the need for power generation and costs for residents and agreed to support a general proposal that as a policy, the Council would pursue green policies whenever appropriate to make the area more ecologically sustainable.

Residents were encouraged to recycle, to use low energy bulbs, to turn the heating down by one degree, to turn electrical appliances off when not in use and to reduce petrol consumption by using cars less.

It was also agreed to investigate projects for power generation and saving and to consider issues when possible to reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy and to investigate the use of electrical monitors (smart monitors).

• To promote appropriate green issues.
• To encourage efficient power use.
• To encourage recycling.
• To consider promoting local power generation.
• To promote sustainable use of power.
• To promote the reduction of carbon emissions through lower vehicle use.
• To investigate the suitability of the use of electricity monitors.

Councillor’s workbook on climate change

Green Achiever Newsletter 1



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