Remembrance Day 10th November 2019

21951060_10154954325856717_3888946397973511210_oThe Parish Council assists with organising Remembrance Day services at Heath Hayes and Wimblebury.

If anyone wants to volunteer to help as a Marshall, or wants to take over the management of the event, please contact the Clerk on In 2020, it will be held on 8th November.

The Heath Hayes event is held in November on the nearest Sunday to 11th. In 2019, this was Sunday 10th November.


Please contact the Clerk for further details.


I have been asked to clarify some issues about the “There But Not There” project and the Tommy silhouette.

Tommy is a national project to get these iconic figures across the country to help remind people about the sacrifices made for us and for communities to show their support and respect.

It was also to raise much needed funds for Help for Heroes, The Royal Foundation, Heads Together, Walking with the Wounded, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Project Equinox to house veterans. £15 million. The Tommies are made by veterans employed by the Royal British Legion. The design is copyrighted and a trademarked and should only be used for approved figures that have been approved by the RoyalBritish Legion.

Five Ways Inn raised £750 which was the purchase price. We are very grateful and thank all involved. The Parish Council will fund the remainder. Our Tommy will be placed on guard on Five Ways Island by the fingerpost pointing towards the Memorial Gates.

He will serve as a poignant and permanent reminder of the loss and sacrifice of service personnel and their families over the years and as a fitting tribute from the people of Heath Hayes and Wimblebury to show that we will never forget. The whole point behind the design is to produce a recognisable and iconic image and for that image to be seen all over the country as a national show of solidarity.

So before you criticise the design or the charitable donation, please consider that the funds go to help those in need and the design was deliberate to be “There But Not There”.

Tommy perfectly embodies the ethos of “There But Not There” as he goes from being almost invisible to obviously there. The slightly bowed head in respect shows that it is not glorifying war, but a solemn remembrance of and respect for those who gave so much.


Mr Andrew Bottomer.


Mr Andrew Bottomer, son of former Councillor Brian Bottomer used to attend the service and read out the names of the fallen, proudly wearing his father’s RAF and Fire Service medals. He died on 16th October 2019 and I have spoken to his widow and sent a condolence card on behalf of the Council.

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