Traffic Issues in the area

Current and planned roadworks.

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This order commences on 23rd September 2019 and allows the closure of Lichfield Road between Newlands Lane and Eastern Way until 31st May 2020.  It means that the work could start then but not necessarily. It also does not mean that both carriageways will be shut until 31st May. Work on gas mains and road widening should be completed by 31st May 2020. Any questions should be directed to Staffordshire County Council.


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This applies to M6 Junction 12 and is due to end on Saturday 5th October.

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This applies to M^ Junction 11A to M6 Toll T8 and is due to end on Friday 20th September.



A Highways issue but concern was been again expressed about the state of the Hednesford Road, Heath Hayes outside the Constitutional Club. The current position (11/09/2019) is that County Councillor J. McMahon set aside funds to expedite repairs to the potholes at this location as it was considered a priority owing to the amount of traffic on the road, the depth of the potholes and the tendency of vehicles to use the pavement to avoid the potholes causing danger to pedestrians. This work has now been completed.


Speeding in the area.

There are reports of speeding in the area, in particular Heath Way and Wimblebury Road. The matter was discussed at length at the County Council Surgery in July and various options were considered. There is a Community Speedwatch group in the area and locations are being referred to them to have them inspected and approved by the police and those locations that are approved are then visited. If you want to suggest any locations, please email



There are ongoing problems at Five Ways, Gorsemoor and Heath Hayes about parking and speeding.

Five Ways employ a parking warden and have “parking Buddies” (standing bollards) on the pavement.

Heath Hayes School has parking buddies as well.

The PCSOs and Clear Streets are aware of problem parking and regularly attend.


Five Ways Island

Following our request, advance signs warning of the 7.5 tonne weight limit prohibition have been added to the approach signs for Five Ways Island (December 2009).

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Boston Close.

Following an approach from a resident of Boston Close, a request was made to the District Council to review the car parking area outside 9 and 11. Mrs Belinda Wildey arranged for this to be undertaken as part of the Estate Walks scheme and as requested, bays have been marked out and additional parking space provided. I have informed Mr Hill who attended the Council meeting. (Photo attached). (December 2009)

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Birchfields Drive, Heath Hayes.

Following an approach from a local resident about problems with school parking and blocking the drives in Birchfields Drive, I liaised with Dave Botfield at County Highways. Protected driveways markings have been installed. I have informed Paul Bennett at Gorsemoor School. (December 2009).

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School Crossing Patrols – Current Position.

Following consultation, the County Council will continue to fund existing School Crossing  Patrols.

There are two vacancies at Five Ways School. If you are interested, please forward your details to (last updated April 2019).

Agenda Item – December 2018. The Council decided it could not justify a 22% rise in the precept and would press for the County Council to continue funding the posts. It was later agreed by the County Council that funding would continue.

Community Funded School Crossing Patrols.Consideration of making an expression of interest to the County Council to fund school crossing patrols at a cost of £4,000 per patrol per year.

Report to Council : The following has been received from the County Council. There are up to four patrols to consider. Five Ways (2), Gorsemoor (1), Heath Hayes (1). This could cost up to £16,000 a year and this is on the agenda for an overall decision. Our precept at the moment is £73,000. A £16,000 rise would be a 22% rise in the precept.

 Email from County Council:

Community Funded School Crossing Patrols

The county council is asking communities to look to fund their local school crossing patrols from September 2019, as part of proposals to close a £35m shortfall in our budget next year.

Legally we have to balance our books and are now facing some very difficult decisions in order to bridge the gap left by funding the soaring costs of adult social care and looking after increasing numbers of children in our care.

As a result, we are proposing to still employ, train, manage and provide uniforms for patrols, but would look to communities, businesses and local organisations to fund their salaries. This would be approximately £4,000 per year.

We are also gathering feedback and asking for suggestions. You can find out more and have your say at

The patrols all do a wonderful job and I am hoping that as many patrols as possible can become community funded.

Our final budget will be presented to Full Council in February and we asking for expressions of interest by the February half-term, with funding needing to be in place by the May half-term.

If your organisation is interested in funding a local patrol then please do contact

Kind Regards, Helen Fisher. Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport

Staffordshire County Council

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