Cannel Mount

The Parish Council has been granted a 100 year lease on a small wooded (Wimblebury Mound) area to the east of John Street and Wimblebury Road, known locally as Cannel Mount.

The Council wants to maintain and develop the site as a community asset and a public open space. Plans are to assess the site, to identify the natural characteristics of the site and to plan a viable and environmentally responsible development plan.

Initially, we have to assess the safety of the site and take all reasonable precautions. There will be initial work to identify some trees that can be removed, then a plan that encourages suitable wildlife and keeps the area available for the public.

Eventually, we would like interpretation boards, better routes through and around the site. At the moment, we have the landlocked area shown on the map (line below) and no vehicle access nor parking.

Cannel Mount Lease

Wimblebury Mound plan and Rights of Way map

Wimblebury Mound pictures and instructions re site


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